New Cooperation launches Learning Month Activities
SOURCE: AUTHOR: DATE: 2017-08-09

On August 8th, New Cooperation held the first training meeting of Learning Month Activities, and for the first time training. Kang Yuguo (deputy general manager of China Supply and Marketing Group) and Hao Yanling (president of New Cooperation Group) attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Gao Guojin (executive vice president of New Cooperation Group).

Kang Yuguo praised on the organization of Learning Month Activities. He shared learning experiences about the learning object, attitude and methods. He encouraged New Cooperation staff to correctly understand the object of learning. Learning improves personal qualities to meet the needs of the development of New Cooperation Group; he said the staff should have positive learning attitude, to enjoy the process of learning; have efficient learning methods, to learn in daily practice, to medicate on the development of the company and to offer advice. Finally, he hoped the staff to further strengthen career planning, continuously improve professional quality, and insist on lifelong learning.

Hao Yanling pointed out in his speech that the society was in changes with new knowledge and information technology, we must keep up with the times. He stressed that New Cooperation Group was in the critical period of transformation and upgrading, we must enhance the innovation ability. He hoped that the staff would update knowledge, get new information and intelligence skills through learning; promote restructuring and upgrading of daily work; better understanding of "Three Rural Issues and Two-way Logics", to push forwards development of high-quality agricultural products through OEM, to build sales network platform and establish image, to carry on underground commercial projects and international brand agency business; further shape enterprise culture and get in-depth understanding of the spirit of enterprise, to build a team with great courage.

Learning Month Activities would last for a month, involving enterprise management, company regulations, document writing and legal knowledge.



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