New Cooperation Group holds lecture on the spirit of Xi Jinping's speech
SOURCE: AUTHOR: DATE: 2017-08-24

On August 23rd, New Cooperation Group held an enlarged meeting of the Party. The conference was presided over by vice president Wang Rengang. In the meeting, important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping delivered at the seminar of provincial and ministerial cadres was studied and discussed.

Wang Rengang put forward the requirement to implement the spirit of the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping: to fully understand the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping, to further strengthen the "Four Consciousness"; to study and implement the viewpoints and methods of general secretary Xi Jinping, to work with a high sense of responsibility and mission.

Li Fenglan (Party committee member and general manager of human resources department) delivered the thematic lectures upon 18th CPC National Congress constitution and Constitution of the Communist Party of China, she urged the Party members to bear the Party oath in mind and maintain brilliant Party qualities, striving for better future and the realization of "Chinese dream".

More than 30 members of the Party Committee of New Cooperation Group in Beijing attended the meeting. More than 40 members of subsidiaries participated in the meeting through remote video.

After the meeting, Party members of subsidiaries immediately began to further study the spirit of Xi Jinping's speech. Party Secretary Li Luliang of Hunan New Cooperation urged all Party members to deeply understand the general secretary's speech and constantly strengthen the political theory knowledge and make contribution for the development of the company. Yanbian New Party branch urged all Party members to learn and write down learning experiences in their personal summary.



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