Hao Yanling visits Biyang County of Henan Province
SOURCE: AUTHOR: DATE: 2017-11-24

On November 16th, Hao Yanling (Party secretary and president of New Cooperation Group) visited Biyang County of Henan Province and conducted a survey of fungus industry. He met with Zhang Shuying (Party Secretary of Biyang county).

Hao Yanling believed that there were cooperation opportunities in fungi marketing. He pointed out that there was a complete industrial chain in Biyang County lacking of modern cold logistic support; data analysis could be applied to avoid price fluctuations and raise the income of farmers.

Zhang Shuying introduced the economic development of Biyang county to Hao Yanling. He said that Biyang County was in rapid economic development with accelerated process of industrialization and improved livelihood. He hoped to cooperate with New Cooperation in various fields.


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