New Cooperation Group holds the 2017 annual debriefing & assessment meeting of board members
SOURCE: AUTHOR: DATE: 2017-12-26

On December 26th, New Cooperation Group held the 2017 annual debriefing & assessment meeting of board members. Li Wenlong (person-in-charge of the assessment team & vice minister of Personnel Department of All China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives) and other assessment team members attended the meeting.


At the meeting, Hao Yanling (Party secretary and president of New Cooperation Group) delivered a report on business operation, employment & promotion, Party building, existing problems in 2017 and future initiatives in 2018. The other board members delivered respectively the debriefing report on political status, work performance, teamwork, self-discipline construction and other aspects.


Employees of the headquarters filled out the assessment forms in accordance with the assessment requirements. After the meeting, the assessment team conducted individual conversation with employees on leadership and performance of team members. 


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