Yang Jianping visits GXYJ O2O Stores
SOURCE: AUTHOR: DATE: 2018-01-17

On January 16th, Yang Jianping (ACFSM Party member, ACFSM deputy director, Party secretary and chairman of Supply & Marketing Group) visited GXYJ O2O Stores. Yang Fenglu (Party vice secretary, chairman of the board of supervisors, secretary of discipline inspection commission of Supply & Marketing Group), Kang Yuguo (Party member deputy and general manager of Supply & Marketing Group), Wang Zhengwei (Party member deputy and general manager of Supply & Marketing Group), Hao Yanling (Party secretary and president of New Cooperation Group), Wang Yongwei (vice president of New Cooperation Group) accompanied during the visit.        


Yang Jianping went to GXYJ O2O Stores in Muxidi and Nanshagou Communities in Xicheng District to survey the daily operation. He spoke highly of the clean and tidy stores and the rich variety of commodities. He also pointed out that it was necessary to put emphasis on the high quality and the consumption characteristics in different communities. Yang Jianping encouraged the staff to continuously provide high-quality commodities and safe foods to strengthen the influence of GXYJ O2O.


GXYJ O2O Stores were built based on the resource integration of Supply & Marketing Group as one of the coordinated development measures. The project GXYJ O2O Stores was jointly pushed by New Cooperation Group, GXYJ and Supply and Marketing Huinong Co., Ltd. NCS group was in charge of the daily operation.   

GXYJ O2O Stores would become a multi-functional community centers for fresh agricultural products sales, pension services, cultural services, home services and other community services. It was planned to cover Beijing within 5 years and to build 1000 community service centers in provincial and sub-provincial cities.


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